Work out in the comfort of your own home or in-home gym. It's like take-out for exercise! You get a tailor-made workout built for your body and your busy lifestyle. NYC apartment dwellers need not worry! All we need is a 5x3 foot space.

Let's face it, sometimes it's better with a partner! I get it! Arrange buddy-sessions to help stay motivated. These sessions can be done in your home/home gym, or we can find a space together!










This is an ideal solution for self-motivators. I work out a program based on your specific needs/goals. We meet in person or via Facetime at your convenience to set it up, and then again to check in or change it up!


Lunch time workouts for your office are the new thing! Also, it's a proven fact that exercise increases productivity. Team workouts are also a great way to boost morale.


Congrats! You've taken a great step toward the life you want!


Keep in mind, we want to make working out work for YOU. If there's something you don't see below, contact me anyway. Let's work together to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Solo sessions



Corporate Workouts

Program Design

Discover your strength.


A program and workshop series for women about loving our bodies, featuring myself and hollistic health coach, Kelly Anne Wadler, founder of "Shine On Movement."

Unleash you inner warrior woman and join our #POWERPACK! 


Pretty Pretty Powerhouse

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